PickUpSim™ is an innovative, high fidelity system for the simulation of the human ovum collection procedure in the context of assisted human reproduction.


PickUpSim™ is an innovative, high fidelity system for the simulation of the human ovum collection procedure in the context of assisted human reproduction. The simulator includes an haptic feedback system and a virtual echographic monitor. The main technical features of PickUpSim include:

  • Haptic feedback
  • Simulation of the deformation imposed by the needle on the soft tissues
  • Simulation of follicle emptying and re-filling
  • Scenarios based on real clinical images

Simulation of PickUpSim™ enables hands-on procedural training and permits, thanks to the haptic feedback, simulation of the resistance to penetration of the soft tissues traversed by the Ovum Aspiration Needle, in particular the ovarian surface and the ovarian follicle.

Echographic Monitoring

  • Monitoring of the procedure by a simulated Transvaginal Echographic monitor
  • Real time simulation of emptying and re-filling of the follicles

Permitted Movements and Echographic Monitoring

  • Needle movements are allowed both in the forward and in the backward direction.
  • It is possible to move the ultrasound probe in the sagittal plane and to observe a coherent and real-time modification of the scene (allowing the user to investigate the volume of the follicles and to choose the proper entry plane for the needle).
  • It is possible to rotate the ultrasound probe and to get a transverse view (in order to allow the user to investigate blood vessels and to differentiate vessels from follicles)
  • Simulated aspiration of follicles driven by a pedal pump.

Exercises and Simulations The user can practice and develop competency using simulation scenarios based on real clinical images.

The scenarios available take into account:

  • the proper movements to reach the target follicles;
  • the proper suction and washing timing;
  • the avoidance of critical anatomical structures.
A user’s performance can be evaluated on all the above aspects.

Control The intuitive control software runs on a comfortable notebook with a wide-view (15.6″) display (1920x1080), Core-i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, 2 GB dedicated graphic card, 2 USB Port and 1 HDMI Port.

External LCD Display The external LCD 21,5" monitor lets you isolate the echographic view bringing more realism to your simulation scenario.

1 Year Hardware Warranty

The PickUpSim™ includes:

  • PickUpSim main white box including a real pick-up needle and a simulated transvaginal ultrasound probe
  • Laptop PC with pre-installed PickUpSim software
  • External LCD 21,5" monitor
  • Simulated aspiration pump pedal
  • IP67 certified and waterproof transport case for the main white box
  • User Manual
  • Installation support and remote training
  • Lifetime free software updates and upgrades

PickUpSim™ is a product from Accurate, a company blending international experience, scientific research, engineering and development of truly effective hi-tech educational solutions in the medical field.

Published patent application: ITFO20120018A1

CLINICAL USE DISCLAIMER PickUpSim™ is licensed for use for educational purposes only. PickUpSim™ is not intended for clinical use.



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